BUMPER STEPS 1959, with pad & mounging, each

Part#: 08-3300

$450.00 Retail Price

BUMPER STEPS 1959, with pad & mounging, each


This part is made in the USA from billet aluminum, then triple plate show chromed with a new rubber pad. It's absolutely beautiful. The difference from the original is how this mounts to the bumper. The original used the pad bolt and a hole was drilled in the bumper to hold it on. We made ours so you don't have to drill a hole in your bumper. Our install uses industrial 3MVHB grade two sided sticky tape. Mounts in minutes! Instructions: Peel off tape backing, hook the step's overhang over the bumper. Gently rotate down to engage the tape. Press down to set the tape. Done! Tape will increase in strength over the next two days. Make sure it's where you want it. It can be removed, but it's very difficult.

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